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Unnecessary Upgrades

Having the newest and best of something seems to make us all oooo and ahhh, doesn't it?  However, there are a few things you can spend a lot of money on, but it just isn't necessary or worth it in most cases.  Here are a few of those things:

Paper - When it comes to copier or printer paper, basic 20-pound paper - about $7 (or less) for 500 sheets - is fine for most printing needs.  Only spend more money for special printing needs, or for printing color on both sides of a piece of paper.  Also, make sure you check to see what kind of weight of paper your printer can use. If you need a note pad that you only use for your needs, you can recycle paper that has been used on one side.  Just cut into note pad size and grab a sheet whenever you need to make a note for yourself.  Don’t spend a ton of money on cute little notepads that will just be thrown away later.

TVs - There is something about getting a great, new TV, isn't there?  But as cool as some of those truly expensive TVs are, the picture quality isn't necessarily worth the extra hundreds of dollars.  In fact, some of the newest, cutting-edge pictures won't be that great until the product that is being put out is in the same picture quality range.  Also, if you love vintage TV shows, they won't look any better with that perfect "picture" either.  So, choose wisely.  This also goes for huge televisions.  The bigger the picture, the worse quality at times.  Maybe an inbetween size would be best for your needs.

Internet - All internet services brag about their highest download speeds.  You may be charged way more for your internet service for a speed that only hard-core gamers may need.  Think of how you use your service and buy accordingly.  If you aren't working from home or playing hours of games on the internet, you may be able to go for the cheapest speed.  The FCC says that most everyone needs the basic speed of 12 - 25 Mbps instead of 1200.

Humidifiers - When you are buying a humidifier, you need to find one that is good for the room it will be put in.  One for a larger room in a small space could cause issues like dust mites, mold and other asthma and allergy problems. So don’t buy the biggest and best because it may add extra issues in your home.

Sheets - The higher the thread count is not necessarily the better the sheet.  In fact, some may actually be stiffer.  Also, it depends on the type of fabric you like more than the thread count.  Solid sheets are also less expensive than sheets with prints in general.  Egyptian cotton seems to be a favorite for sheets, but some cotton sheets can wrinkle horribly and unless you want to spend a lot of time ironing sheets, you may not want some of those either.

Gas - Right now, spending extra on gas may not be in on your mind at all with how gas is in general, however, there is sometimes the thought that buying premium gas will help your car run better and longer than regular gas.  The best bet is to check out your owner's manual to be sure you get the type of gas that is best for your car.  Period.

I hope some of these unnecessary spending choices will help you to do your own research and see where you can save money other places, too, so you can have a healthy and full bank account!

This blog was inspired by an article in the Dec 2021 AARP Bulletin.
Photo Credit: Loewe Technology

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