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The Holidays Are Coming: Calendar Updates

For the last couple of weeks, I have been blogging about when to plan holiday events and what priorities to think of as you plan all of your holiday festivities, but now I want to help you REMEMBER those days you have worked so hard to plan by adding them to your calendar!  Not just any calendar, but a calendar that can remind you on your phone what is coming up when.  Reminders are a big blessing when you have several things going on at once!  

Find a Suitable Calendar - I am an "old school" type of person.  I have been using a monthly calendar for years now and have always had it easily accessible for all of my scheduling.  I also have a calendar I carry in my purse for scheduling appointments when I am out and about.  However, over the last 5 years, I have been using a Google calendar for work and have found that adding my personal calendar to it has helped me a great deal since it can remind me however long before that I have an appointment coming up!  I still use my "old school" calendars, though, since I find handwriting things helps me remember better as well.  On my Google calendar, my appointments are all in a certain color while members of my team have their own schedules showing as well as all our work events in other colors.  It makes it easier for me to work around those if necessary and also how to plan my personal and work things without too many issues.  Use a calendar system that works for you, whether "old" or "new" school and use it for everything.  It makes things much easier to keep track of and for some reason it really helps say "no" to things that are too much in your schedule because visually you see when so many things are crammed together in a day/week/month.  A digital calendar is ideal for you to set up reminders and get them on your phone, however.

Add Planned Family Days to Calendar First - Now that you have your preferred calendar system in place, put those most precious family days in the calendar before anything else.  Not just your precious family holidays but those days that you want to keep sacred as a family.  Whether it's church on Sunday, family movie night on Friday or weekly dinners at the grandparents, these are the things you don't want to ever schedule over.  If they are in the calendar, they aren't to be messed with!

Add School/Work Events to Calendar - Next add all your school or work events to the calendar.  For me, those are mostly on my calendar all the time.  Extra events get put in by my team as well as me.  But, if we are scheduling for each other as well, we can see what all days are important work and personal wise on the calendar and know to avoid those.  This way, we all keep our work schedules in sync as much as possible and also, we don't dip into each other's personal events when scheduling a team meeting or other work event.  We all can also share those days with our families so that our families know when we have an important work event so that everyone can be on the same page.  During the holidays, there may be a few more work celebrations--but we all pick and choose what events are most important to us and that they don't conflict with our personal holiday events as well.

Add Other Social Events to Calendar - During the holiday season there will always be a few events that aren't "set in stone" and pop up once in a while that we also would like to partake in.  Add those in places when you can.  Consider that you have all your most important things in the calendar already and know that you have to work around those as well.  Sometimes everything aligns and you can attend a lot of different spur-of-the-moment events.  But a lot of times you just can't because of a scheduling conflict.  That is ok.  There is something about looking at that full calendar that makes it much easier to say NO.  

Block Out Vacation Time - Another big thing you need to get on your calendar is when you are planning some vacation time. You may not even know what you are going to do during that time, but, GET THE DAYS BLOCKED OUT NOW.  If you don't, you will schedule some random event during that time that once you are committed to, may be hard to reschedule due to a vacation.  I think this is where a lot of professionals sometimes miss vacation moments.  They fail to schedule the time in until AFTER they have all their plans in order.  This seems like it's a straightforward strategy, but, it's really backwards.  You need to be sure that your work/school/family all have that time blocked so that it can be worked around by everything else during that time.

A calendar may seem like it's too much to deal with when you have a busy life, but it's actually a great tool to help you keep your busy life under control and to keep those special days safe.  The more you use it, the more you will realize you need it--whether you go digital or not!

Until Next Time!

Jen Lush--Associate Broker and Blog Writer Extrordinaire
Photo Credit: Gaining Visuals

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