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The Aaron Advantage

Interview with Midwest Guy Building Augmented Reality Platform on Earth

In this episode, Aaron sits down with entrepreneur JohnGabriel Nguyen-Truong to discuss his work with Augmented Reality in location based analytics for infrastructure and how that impacts society. Augmented Reality is similar to Virtual Reality with the exception that the background is your actual environment. (Remember the Pokemon craze with cell phones a few years back?!). Listen to how he explains how it can benefit you as a consumer as well as other areas this technology may be beneficial for.   #virtualreality #augmentedreality #tours #ExperienceTheAaronAdvantage 

*the Eastland Mall possibility discussed in this podcast did not pan out, however Xphera.Earth is now working with the Evansville Wartime Museum.

Learn more at www.Xphera.Earth
Email JohnGabriel Nguyen-Truong at X@xphera.earth
Follow him here: https://linktr.ee/xphera
Xphera YouTube Station: https://youtu.be/q2nloB0Gv2s

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