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Take a Walk on the Beach

It's vacation time!  Some of us can't get to a beach somewhere to walk, but for those of you who will find themselves at one beach or another, I suggest making sure you take a good walk on that beach while you can. For those of you who are fortunate to live near a beach, make this a habit often and it will help your general health in so many ways.

Barefoot is Best - Believe it or not, being barefoot on the sand, grass or dirt not only helps you mentally by making you feel like a kid again, it also enables your feet to absorb antioxidant-like electrons from the earth.  This is "earthing" or "grounding".  Try it!  It's good for you!

Burns the Calories - Taking a walk on the beach will also burn about 50% more calories than walking somewhere else.  The grains of sand allow you to sink which takes more energy to lift  your feet and propel you forward.  Not a bad way to burn a little more calories.

Brings on the Calm - When you listen to the lapping waves, breathe in the salty air or pay attention to bits of nature and are mindful of their beauty, you will help your brain to power down.  Because you are focusing on those things, it takes your mind out of "worry mode" and helps reduce stress and your heart rate.  It's a lovely way to relax.

I realize for some of you, this may only happen once a year or even less.  But now you KNOW that vacationing on the beach is not only fun, but good for your health!  Maybe you should plan to go more often!

This blog was inspired by a brief article in the August 2019 issue of Good Housekeeping.

Photo Credit: David Straight

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