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Saving $ Quickly

Some of us, when it comes to saving money, get this knot in our stomach about how long we will have to wait to save to do this or that.  WE WANT THINGS NOW!  While there will always be a time difference between spending it today or saving it until tomorrow, here are a few tips to save up some much needed cash quickly. 

Believe You Can - No matter how hard you come up with different plans to save money, you have to believe you can do it.  Picture saving it.  Have faith in yourself that you can make it happen.  Really WANT to save.  A strong mental attitude about your money will help you long past the time you need to save quickly. 

Work with What You Have - Go over your financial budget.  Make sure you know where every penny of your hard earned money goes, then make a plan to cut areas where you know you can cut.  Maybe you can cut back on the number of times you eat out, or the number of coffees you buy out.  When you know what is going where, you will be surprised at the ways you may have RIGHT NOW to save some money.

Ask for Better Rates - Check with insurance companies to see what you can change, or change your company, to see if you can get some better rates.  Also with insurance, if you have been making monthly payments, you can save money by paying once or twice a year.  You may have to save up to be able to do that the first time, but after that put it back like you are making a monthly payment and you'll be able to make that larger yearly payment and sometimes you can save from $50 to $100 depending on your plan.  If you have credit cards, call and see what you can do to change your interest rates or even see if you can change some other monthly plans you have for streaming or phone services. 

Make Some Dough - First, check your paycheck.  Are you getting large tax refunds then using that money to do other things--sort of like a savings plan without interest? Why not change what is being withheld and put that money in a REAL savings account with interest?  Also, see if you can work overtime, or do another job on the side.  Maybe you have a hobby you could make some income with.  Little side jobs for extra money can be quite rewarding and you never know when one might even become a career that you might love. Of course there is always a good Yard Sale that can help with a little extra cash pretty quick.  

There are all sorts of ways you can save a bit of money quickly.  Get your mind working and see what genius plan you can come up with!

This blog was inspired by this article from DaveRamsey.com.
Photo Credit: Sharon McCutcheon

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