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Peace and Quiet

Excessive noise can not only hurt your hearing, but it can raise your blood pressure, disturb your sleep and even cause cognitive impairment in children.  We may not be able to control the sound of an airplane overhead, but, there are things we can do inside and outside our home to help amp up the QUIET.

Add a Rug - If your home has hardwood, laminate or another solid surface, adding a rug in a room will help absorb the sound in that room.  Not just the sound of someone walking on the floor, but, also the other sounds in the room won't have that surface to bounce off of anymore. *Using draperies in a a room will help with this as well.

Close a Door - Are you doing the laundry?  Running the dishwasher? Do your kids have "Baby Shark" blaring in another room?  Close the door!  If you can isolate the noisy room from the quiet one, this will help. 

Turn it Down - AND...run the TV, radio or even your digital devices at a lower level to help keep the noise down.  *Switch off computers and other devices when not in use.  That "whir" of the cooling fan may not seem very loud, but you will notice a difference when it is off!

Buy it Quieter/Run it Later - If you are purchasing an appliance, look for a quieter model if you can. Run an appliance (like a dishwasher) later at night to avoid the extra noise during the day and use shorter cycles on some other appliances.

Peaceful Outdoors - There are a few things you can even do outside to help keep sounds from coming in.  You can plant some trees and bushes!  These will help give your home a nice noise barrier. 

We all need some quiet time and making sure our homes can provide it is essential.

This blog was inspired by an article in the August 2018 Issue of Good Housekeeping magazine.
Photo Credit: Kristina Flour

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