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Overlooked Spring Cleaning Tasks

There is a lot to consider when you jump into Spring Cleaning.  So many things come to mind to do!  But, there are a few things that may get overlooked and Springtime is a GREAT time to get them done!

Clean Appliances - Maybe you wipe down your appliances every so often already, but what about your vacuum?  Do you change the filter when you should or clean out the brush on it?  Maybe it's time you did!  Also, what about all those crumbs in your toaster or the ones that get in the crevices in your fridge?  Now is the time to give those a good clean, too.  One other appliance you might not have thought of and that is your washing machine.  They have specific cleaners that you use on them to help keep them fresh and clean, too.  Find one that is good for your washer and toss it in!  That is one cleaning job that isn't so hard to do!

Disinfect - After last year you probably know about disinfecting and have done your fair share around home already!  But, it's always a good reminder to wipe down your light switches, doorknobs and trash cans too.  These areas get so much use and we don't usually have the time to clean them very often so Spring Cleaning time is the chance to do so!

Pantry Pitch Out - Do you ever go through your spice rack and see how old you spices are?  We think these items will keep forever (and they do last a long time) but after a while they lose their strength and scent and it may be time to update your spice rack.  Also, check through your staples to be sure the dates are still good on mixes and canned goods as well.  

Houseplant Hose Down - This time of year it may be a good idea to give your houseplants a shower, either inside or out (depending on the temperature) and clean off all that dust they may have from the past year!  This will keep them looking their best and it's good for your plants, too.  While they are getting their shower (or drying off a bit after) be sure to clean and wipe down the area where they sit, just to make sure they aren't leaving a mess behind!

I am sure there are so many other cleaning things we forget or even already do, but it never hurts to be reminded of a few tasks that we may have forgotten, too!

This blog was inspired by this article from HouseLogic.com.
Photo Credit:  Crema Joe

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