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One Week 'til The END: Are You Ready?!

My husband and I listen to a local radio station early in the morning while we eat our breakfast.  We have listened to the same station for years, and this local DJ always talks about how from Thanksgiving until Martin Luther King Jr Day (late January or so) that everything is "OFF".  Schedules are all weird and nothing feels "NORMAL" until that time.  I totally agree with that.  Being a routine person, this was always so unsettling to me.  I NEED NORMAL.  However, when I grabbed on to that theory, it changed my outlook and how I prepare for...THE END.

Things That Get Held Off - One of the major reasons for this phenomena is the holidays, of course.  People take off work, plan for different activities, see family and friends more.  It's just a whirlwind of change.  Change that you CAN'T say "NO" to for the most part.  I mean, sure you can say you aren't going to participate in the holiday madness, but, you can't stop everyone else from participating and whether you like it or not, it WILL affect you.  So, I say: GO WITH IT.  Just acknowledge that you can't change some of the madness and that you are going to have to put off some things until the madness ends!  Your routine is going to change, so make adjustments.  The things that really aren't time sensitive can maybe be put off until after the start of the year.  Don't stress out over all the craziness around you that you would wish would just STOP, because a lot of it you can't control anyway.  Just know that there WILL BE an end, and before you know it, it will be back to normal again.

Things That DON'T - Of course, along with all the crazy added to your routine, there WILL BE things that still HAVE TO be done that you can't change too, so that may impact your normal routine as well.  Going to different functions for the kids and grand kids, or attending parties will make things more busy because making sure everyone eats, has clean clothes to wear and a roof over their heads will all still have to happen.  We'll still have our jobs, homes to care for, bills to pay, groceries to buy and pets to care for.   Whether you live alone or have a huge family, there are responsibilities you just can't ditch!  Take care to allow more time for some of your regular responsibilities and keep things in perspective that whether you get it all perfectly  done or not that this is just for a season.  Adjustments will need to be made, so, "take the bull by the horns" and get it done!

Time to Finish & Plan Ahead - Along with the changes in your routine (and sleep most likely) it's a good time to take inventory of the things you want to finish by the end of the year and work on a rough draft for planning the new one.  Some of us at work start this with our co-workers by having extra planning meetings and year end quotas to meet.  Others of us do this in our homes or for both.  Checking our calendars for what comes up first in the New Year and deciding when we are going to take our next vacation may need to happen as well as maybe even deciding on the next family get together or reunion.  You know what you need to do and plan, so MAKE IT HAPPEN.

I realize there are some of you like me and all of this can create so much stress in your life that you just dread the enormity of it all and wish it just wouldn't change.  But, I have learned, don't let all the non necessary stresses run your life.  Remember what is important, and that is the PEOPLE you care about.  For all the things that can make things more difficult, do something to make someone else's life a little easier.  Make it your goal to help others this crazy season and lift someone else's spirits.  This will not only brighten their day, but also lift yours as well.  That is the BEST WAY to be READY for THE END.

Until Next Time!

Jen  Lush--Associate Broker and Mother of Managing Broker
Photo Credit: Ann H

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