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The Aaron Advantage

No One is Entirely Useless

"No one is entirely useless; even the worst of us can serve as horrible examples".

--The Old Farmer's Almanac  

I don't know about you, but some days I find it hard to get past my mistakes.  No matter what other good things I may have accomplished  that day,  that one faux pas stands there with his hands on his hips scolding me for that one thing that wasn't right.  He is so big it can be hard for me to look past him at all.  But the older I get, the more potential there is for mistake-making so I need to learn how to look past the mistake and move on.  But how?!

They Are Your Mistakes - When I was younger all my mistakes led me to here.  I learned what all NOT to do in my life and then I decided that my kids could learn from all of my wrong turns so it would all be worth it.  But, that was a fallacy.  The truth is that my mistakes weren't for them to learn from they were for me to learn from.  Mistakes teach us what things work best in our lives and what things don't.   If we didn't make mistakes we wouldn't learn how to deal with other problems we may face.  We wouldn't forgive others when they make mistakes either.  If you are dealing with someone who makes a lot of mistakes take a look at where you are at and where you came from.  Do you need to be more understanding?  Just a thought...

Bad Moments Stink - None of us like bad moments in our lives.  Those times when we feel that no matter how hard we work at something we just can't seem to get things right.  Everyone loves to feel on the mountaintop of joy, but the valley between the mountains can be so hard to get through.  However in the valley is where we can see the mountaintop that we want to attain.  The mountaintop wouldn't be so great if it was easy to get there.  Part of what makes us appreciate the great experiences is the bad ones.  If there weren't any we wouldn't know the difference.  So when you are feeling like you are not getting things right, just remember when you do get it right how good it will feel!

Bad Examples Teach - When I said that my kids couldn't learn through my bad mistakes, well that isn't entirely true.  There is a flip side to this.  Did you ever say as a kid that when you were a parent you wouldn't treat your kids the way you were treated and in some things you stuck to that and others you didn't?  So sometimes, bad examples can teach others.  Keep that in mind when you see others mess up.  What did they do to cause that problem?  How can you avoid it?  You can learn from someone else's mistakes if you want to, but generally our own mistakes are our training ground.

No one is perfect.  We ALL have times that we feel like we can't get anything right and we may even feel useless.  Just remember, even at our worst, we can or even someone else can glean something good from it no matter what!

Until Next Time!

Jen Lush--Associate Broker and Big Mistake Maker

Photo Credit: Brett Jordan

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