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Need a Mood Boost?

Let's face it.  Everything in our lives CAN be affected by our MOOD.  Our family, our friends and certainly our work.  There are a few natural things you can do to help keep your mood at it's best--so you can have your very best day!

Feed It - Healthy Mediterranean-like whole food will boost your mood.  Sugar and processed foods can give you a spike at first, but then when it falls, your mood falls hard.  Fruits, veggies, whole grains and healthy fats keep things running well in your body, mind and your mood!

Keep it Moving - Being physically active boosts chemicals in your brain to help it to become more resilient, which in turn helps fight depression.  Also, being active helps your body to feel better, which also helps our mood.

Achieve Small Goals - If you set small goals for yourself, it forces your brain to make decisions which in turn increases the dopamine in your brain (the feel good chemical).  Tiny goals, like choosing a new book to read, following through on a list you need to get done or calling that work lead you have been meaning to, will all help boost your mood.

Sleep Well - This one thing can make the difference in any day or mood for sure.  Depression and insomnia can be an endless cycle and make each other worse.  Make a good night's sleep a priority in your life and your mood will be lifted. 

Just Breathe - Take a moment to de-stress.  There are actual breathing techniques you can use that will calm you down and lift your mood.  Taking time to just be alone for a minute and think "happy thoughts" while listening to some uplifting music will help as well.  

Doing things to improve your mood will not only help you be more productive, but, it will encourage others around you to be more happy and positive as well.  We color everything in our lives with our perspective, so let's keep our perspectives uplifted and hopeful!--Jen Lush

This blog was inspired by an article in the June 2018 issue of Good Housekeeping.
Photo Credit: Josh Felise

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