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March Madness: Derailing Distractions

Do you find that there is so much to do that you are easily distracted when you finally have the time to get things done?  I used to be really bad about this and it kept me from finishing anything because  I would get overwhelmed and then stop.  Here are a few things I have learned over the years to help me not be so distracted:


Have a Plan for Your Day - Try to have a game plan for each day to try to follow.  You may not follow it exactly as you plan, but it can help keep you going in the same direction at least.

Keep Lists - Have lists of things you need to do and MARK OFF TASKS as you do them!  This can help bring a feeling of accomplishment as you go which can be good motivation to keep on getting tasks done.

Write Down Ideas - As you get going, you may think of other things that need to be done.  Write those things down (in a separate list) but don't do them now!  You have a plan for today, so stick to your plan.  At the end of the day (as you plan for the next day) add one of those ideas if you can.  This way, you don't get bogged down with every single task in your home on any one day.

Okay to Move On - If you didn't finish all your tasks, then just move on.  Sometimes any given task might require more time than you thought or more steps, so it's okay to move it to another day.  Don't get bogged down on what you didn't get done, instead be glad for what you did accomplish and save that incomplete task for another time.


Plan Week - For me, I look over my upcoming work week on Sunday and plan what I need to accomplish and when the deadlines are for those tasks.  While I am planning, I add things to my calendar so I know what will be happening, when, and if I have any appointments I need to make sure I don't miss as well.

Priorities In Line - While I am planning my week, I usually can see what is most important to get done by a certain time frame.  I use that information to prioritize my work tasks as well.  There are goals I have that are long term tasks and others that are weekly tasks that I have to complete on certain days each week.  Having things prioritized helps me to keep my stress levels down and make sure I have the things that are most important completed first.

Allow for Changes - Of course, just like at home, things come up and change at a moments notice and you have to allow for those things.  Don't over plan your schedule, so that if something pops up it throws you way off your daily routine.  You will have back to back to back appointment days, but, don't plan them that way from the start.  Leave spaces for those "other things" that come alone.  

Big Picture - Be sure to always set goals for yourself at work.  Short term ones that you want to get done by the end of the week and long term ones for projects or other things you want to see accomplished by the end of the quarter or year.  Having a goal helps keep your daily and weekly plans on track as well.  You need to see where you are going before you can be sure you get there!

I hope these little suggestions help keep your distractions derailed and keep you moving ahead.  I feels good to not be so easily distracted these days.

Until Next Time!

Jen Lush--Associate Broker and Planning Guru

Photo Credit: Emma Matthews Digital Content Production

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