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Love Your Laundry Room

For me, the laundry room has been a bone of contention for years.  There were times I didn't even have a space for a washer and dryer and I  longed just for that!  As my family grew, the need for a decent laundry area grew as well but until my current home (one in which only my husband and I reside) I never fully got most of the things I wanted in it.  If you find yourself in a home where the laundry space needs an update, here are a few things that deserve some consideration before you start:

Assess Your Needs - Take a long, hard look at your laundry space and think about what your really need for it to work for you.  Good appliances, maybe a place to fold or hang up clothes, a sink to help with real big messes before they get washed or maybe it's just so ugly you can't stand it.  Mark what all you would like in a laundry space and then make a list of what you need.  Are there things you can do to address those needs at this time that your budget will allow?  If there are figure out a course of action you want to take to make those things happen. 

Equipment Update - The most important things about any laundry space is the equipment.  It doesn't matter how beautiful a room is if your washer leaks and your dryer ruins clothing!  First do some research.  You may love the look of certain types of appliances, but if they require a lot of maintenance or will be difficult to operate, you may want to steer clear of those.  There are several types that are energy efficient which will be good not only for the environment but for your budget as well.  Also, the "look" of the appliance may make a big difference on your budget as well.  Find the features that work, then be sure you check out all of that model's options.  You may find that the cost difference on a plain appliance is well worth the bland color choice!  You can make the rest of the space more lively.  Bland also can blend in!

Lighting is Key - In any work space, having good lighting can make a big difference in how you feel in the space and how well it functions.  I have lived in more than one home where the laundry area was in damp, unfinished basement areas that were dark and creepy!  In those places it took me FOREVER to do the laundry because I hated going down there!  If they just had good light it might have made a difference (at least a little bit).

Make it a Happy Place - Whether you have a whole room to add nice colors to or happy pictures or just a closet area with your washer and dryer, do something to make it feel better.  My daughter had a washer and dryer in a kitchen area that was just open.  Having some curtains to hide it helped, but she still wasn't happy with the blah space, so she added some peel and stick backsplash and a really cute sconce light right in the middle of the space so that the area was well lit, since it was deep like a closet.   This brightened up the space a lot and it made her feel better about it overall.  Sometimes just using your imagination to liven up a space will make all the difference you need to keep working with what you have.

Time to Renovate (or Move!) - For some changes, of course, it might mean a renovation to get things the way you want them in a laundry area or maybe even make the laundry space a bigger consideration when you move.  Adding a sink, cabinets or a counter where you can fold clothes can make all the difference in a space.  Having some natural light (like a window) makes a space feel less confining, which is a great thing if you intend to spend quite a bit of time in there!  Other options may be to add places for coat or shoe storage or a place for keys or school backpacks.  All of these added bonuses might take a larger space to actually be put into play, so you may want to keep that in mind when you are looking for a new home.

It took me quite a few years (and different homes) to actually have a laundry space that I love.  It's still not perfect and there are a few of these ideas that I still need to put into play for myself.  Looking back, I wish I had made the laundry areas more of a priority.  I may not have been able to choose where I lived by the laundry space, but I could have done a few things to make the spaces I had more desirable.  Maybe I would have been better at getting laundry done back then...Hindsight is always 20/20!--Jen Lush

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