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Listen To Your House

When it comes to updating or renovating your home, you need to listen to what it needs and what will work best for it and for your lifestyle.

Good Bones First - Not all of us can renovate our homes before we move in.  But, we can pay attention to the basic needs it has before you do anything else.  Fix the basic functional features first and then get to repairing main items if you can.  If you work to make the home a "blank slate" first, then you can see where to go from there.  

Dream It - Think about how you want your home (or specific room) look in the long run.  If you have an idea in mind from the get go, you will be less likely to spend your money on items that don't fit the overall plan.  This may even help curb spontaneous spending!

Perfect Décor Takes Time - Don't expect your space to look perfect right away.  It takes time to layer items or to get the feeling you want to achieve in a space.  Living somewhere for a while may point out some areas that need to be worked on first because the amount of use a space gets.  Sometimes we find a piece that seems to fit, only to find something later on that works better or maybe it just takes a while for the entire room to hit all the buttons you want it to.  Let things come at their own time.  When we feel rushed and forced to decorate something we may spend more than we should on the décor and settle on something we really don't like.  Then we have to live with it even longer to justify the spending.  Wait for what is right.

Functional Style - If you have an older home, closet space may be at a premium, so adding some beautiful but functional storage furniture may just be what is right for your home.  Find furnishings that make the most use out of your homes features.  If floor space is at a minimum, then dump the bookcase and use some floating shelves to house those books you love and still allow for other furniture to use the floor space.  Maybe you need to find a way to add a pantry in your home somewhere.  Think about how you want your home to function best for your lifestyle and then decorate and renovate accordingly.

Love It - Invest in items you absolutely love.  These items will be your home's very best features because things you love will make you happy and be around for years to come.  Keep in budget those things you don't love so much.  However, bargains sometimes can become something you love because there is nothing like getting a good deal on something!

We all like the idea of having a perfect home to move into, but there is truly no such thing as a perfect home.  You need to take the time to listen to your home.  It may never be perfect but as it points out how it needs to be decorated and the ways it needs to function, you may in time find out it's the perfect home for you!

This blog was inspired by an article in the May 2021 issue of Southern Living.

Photo Credit: Franco Antonio Giovanella

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