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Inventive DIY Decor

There are so many ways you can add your personality and style to you home decor without it costing you an arm and a leg.  Here are a few inventive ideas!

Add a Touch - Whether it is furniture or a light fixture, you can add elements to make it your own.  How about decorating your bed with some sort of garland around the headboard or add a canopy by using some netting and a anchor above the bed on the wall.  You can update a light fixture with something creative like mason jar bulb covers, or use paint to update the fixture itself, just be sure you know how to turn off the electricity to avoid any problems!  

Re-Purpose It - Use some other furniture or items in a different way.  Use a set of old school lockers to help out in the mudroom to keep the kids stuff organized after school, or how about an old card catalog to hold wine bottles or use as an inventive craft cabinet?  If you have a tall, console table and it's just sitting against a wall, how about putting it up against the back of the couch and add tall seating?  It can act as a make shift bar for eating, doing homework or just have extra seating in a space with a table if you need it.  A dresser can double as a baby changing station with storage.  The possibilities are as endless as your imagination!  

Add Some Paint - You can use paint to really change the look of a space by painting the ceiling.  You can also paint stripes or another pattern on a wall to give it a wallpaper effect.  Paint can be used to add depth to a set of built ins by painting the back of a shelving unit.  Paint is a really versatile product that can give a dramatic change without a dramatic price tag.

Frame It - Do you have an old embroidered handkerchiefs or cloth napkins that are pretty heirlooms but just sit in a drawer?  What about having a few framed to hang on a wall?  You can share their beauty and maybe use some of the colors or designs to inspire the rest of the decor in a room.  Frame some of your children's art for their room or in a playroom, or frame a special keepsake letter to put in your home office.  Using a frame for more than a photo can make a space more personal and unique.  

I hope some of these ideas inspire you to look at things a bit differently so you can make your home have all the personality and style you and your family has! 

This blog was inspired by an article in Good Housekeeping the October 2019 issue.
Photo Credit: Bonnie Kittle

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