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How To Teach Your Pet Not to Jump Up

I have had dogs and now a cat and I am still working on these techniques to help them to NOT jump on people when they walk in the door.  These seem to help a lot!--Jen Lush

Make a Loud Noise - Claps your hands or shake a plastic bottle filled with something and say "OFF" when they jump in a firm voice. The distracting sound will help break the habit.

Grab Her Paws - When she jumps up on you, grab her paws, hold them for about 30 seconds and say "OFF" in a stern voice.

Turn Your Back - If your dog jumps at you, turn your back and walk away from her whenever she does.  Withholding your attention will remove her motivation.

Consistency - Of course with any training you do with your pets, consistency is key.  Using one word commands (like OFF) will help them learn that all of these tactics are related and will help them break the habit quicker.  

This blog was inspired by an article in the Nov 2019 issue of Good Housekeeping.
Photo Credit: Joe Caione

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