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Home Inspector Tips

For those of you buying or selling a home, here are just a few unexpected tidbits from a professional home inspector:

Measure It - Before you buy appliances, make sure you measure the space they are going to fit in as well as the space they may have to go through to get into the right spot in your home!  This will save a lot of problems on install day.  From small doorways to spots between cabinets, make sure you measure depth and width and the height! *I bought a huge fridge and didn't realize it was going to stick out in my kitchen until the DAY I MOVED IN.  Had to have the wall behind it altered for it to fit!

Save It - You will have all sorts of unexpected maintenance expenses when you own a home.  Start saving your money BEFORE something happens so you always have a pool to pull from when you need it.  That way, when something breaks down, you will have the money at your fingertips ready to go without hurting anything else in your budget.

Do Ahead - BEFORE you put your home on the market, pay for a home inspection.  It's well worth the investment to be sure everything is as it should be and that you won't have any surprises when someone is looking at it to buy it.  You can fix issues ahead of time. 

Home inspectors aren't experts on everything, but, they have seen a lot of different issues while performing their business duties.  If they don't know an answer to a question you may have, chances are they do know an expert to direct you to.   

This blog was inspired by the March 2019 issue of the AARP Bulletin.
Photo Credit: Tierra Mallorca

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