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Helping Someone Move

There is so much more to helping someone move than lifting, carrying or letting someone borrow your truck!  If you want to help someone you care about have a smooth moving experience, here are a few things you can offer to help with:

Help with the Kids or Pets - When you are getting a house ready to move, it's a big task that takes a lot of work.  If you have kids or pets, this can make it even more difficult.  Offer to help chauffeur kids to school, practices or home so that whoever is moving doesn't have to leave while they are packing or even sit with them for a while.  Walk their dogs or bring them to your house on the day of the move.  People going in and out can be very stressful to pets.  The move is stressful enough, knowing those you love are cared for can help ease that stress quite a bit.

Pick Days to Feed Them - Ask them what days would work for them to come over to eat, for you to take them out or for you to bring food in while they are moving.  When someone is busy sorting through things, it can be difficult to take the time to plan a meal or even stop to go get it!  Providing snacks or meals is a great way to help the moving people keep up their strength while they are working hard.

Offer Outside (or Inside) Maintenance - Offer to mow their grass the last time, pull weeds in the landscaping or whatever else to the outside so they can concentrate on finishing up in the inside.  You can also offer to help clean some rooms as they empty.   This will keep the house in nice shape for the buyers when they come in and take off yet another task for your friends or family when they are moving.

Help Pack - If you are really close friends or family, possibly offer to help pack.  A lot of hands make light work, and packing is a chore that can seem to go on forever!  Maybe they even need your help on deciding on what to get rid of, too, so be willing to offer some advice (if they need it).

Throw a Party - If your friends can't seem to find the time to say goodbye to everyone they would like to, maybe throw a party so they can do that at one big event.  A couple of hours on one evening is a lot easier to manage than getting around to seeing everyone individually before they leave.

Anything After - If there is anything that may need to be done after they are gone, offer to help with that too.  Drop off a cable box for them, be sure their mail doesn't show up again before the new people move in.  Make sure the trash is picked up and taken away.  These last details can help ease the mind of the person who is moving so that they know all the little details have been handled.

These are just a few things that you can do to help someone when they are moving.  Remember, when you are kind and help someone out, generally helpful and kind people find their way to you! Besides, when a friend is leaving you want them to really know how much they have meant to you and some of these acts of kindness will show your love for them and leave them with a wonderful warm heart as they leave.  I hope these tips inspire you to come up with even more ideas to help a friend or family member move!

Until Next Time!

Jen Lush--Associate Broker and Expert in Moving

Photo Credit: Erda Estremera

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