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Guest Bedroom Basics

It's that time when a lot of us have family or friends staying with us for the holiday season at some point or another.  Here are a few tips to have your guest bedroom ready.

Soft Shades of Color - Use a color palette that is soothing and sleep inducing.  Generally, guests won't spend a ton of time in the bedroom, so no need for all sorts of things to keep them busy.  Use muted tones in your choice of paint and some accessories.  It's okay to have some bright colors, but don't over do it.  Keep it soft and quiet.

Privacy is a MUST - In order for your guests to feel comfortable, they need some privacy.  Avoid putting them up in main traffic areas of your home.  If you have no other choice, make sure they have private access to a bathroom at least.  

Comfy Bed & Bedding - As much as you can, make sure your guest have a good bed and cozy bedding.  Scratchy sheets and not enough blankets can make sleeping in someone else's home terrible.

Old & New Makes it Cozy - Mix new bits of furniture with old.  Don't have the oldest mattress, but, nice looking antiques mixed in with good functioning pieces gives a room character, but keeps it at a high comfort level.

Add Romance - I don't mean a heart shaped bed with mood lighting!  Add a beautiful chandelier or some glitz or glam to the room through accessories.  A vase of fresh flowers will add some romance, too.  

Whether you have the best guest room or not, if you do your best to make your guests feel at home, then they will enjoy their stay and be sure to visit again!

This blog was inspired by an article in Romantic Homes magazine in the January 2019 issue. 
Photo Credit: Sidekix Media

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