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Festive Foyer

This is the time of year when we have a lot of guests in our home and the first place they see is the foyer.  It's important to make this area as welcoming as you can, but, it can be difficult because the foyer is generally a smaller, sometimes oddly shaped room or space that may or may not have normal walls as well.  How do you make it festive?  Where do you start?  Here are a few tips and ideas to get your creative juices flowing!

Pick a Palette - Usually it's good when you are decorating any space you choose a color palette.  Holiday decorations sometimes have traditional color palettes, however, you can have a festive foyer with a less traditional set of colors.  You can have the palette stand out against your normal room decor, or you can choose to go along with your already chosen colors.  Just be consistent as you decorate.  The items themselves that you choose will show the festive flair of the space.  

Function is Key - Make sure your foyer still functions in the best possible way.  If it is cold and snowy or wet outside, make sure you have a place for guests to put their coats, such as a coat tree or a closet.  If you have don't have either of these things, then collect coats as they arrive and place them in another room somewhere where they can be out of the way and dry off.  Have a welcome mat at the door that they will not mind wiping their feet on and use a tray to hold boots and shoes so that the dampness won't be all over the floor in the foyer.   

Be Crafty With Nature - Use natural items in your decor such as a fresh evergreen garland or pine cones.  Items that bring the outside in will make the space cozy.  Craft a lovely wreath for the door or add some lovely bells to the door handle that will ring as guests arrive.

Tickle the Senses - Think of your five senses and use something in your decor to highlight it.  For example, use beautiful twinkling lights and lovely scented candles in the space.  Maybe add some quiet holiday music playing in the background and a tray of snacks or jar of candies for your guests to snack on as they enter your home.  Lastly for their sense of touch, make sure the space feels comfortable for everyone.  A nice space that when someone sees the lovely decor they won't break it if they touch it, or keep the breakables where guests can't touch them. And be sure to greet your guests with a warm hug, hearty handshake or gentle kiss--depending on who your guest is! 

This blog was inspired by an article in the December 2017 issue of Romantic Homes.

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