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Destroyed Foreclosed Home

Utilities May Be Off (for a while) - The utilities being shut off for a while can cause certain issues when they are turned on.  Not only that, some people have continued to live in the home without utilities and have done some very harsh things to the home while doing so.

Watch Your Step! - Be careful where you walk.  Disgruntled homeowners have sometimes set traps in the home that can be very dangerous!

Thieves - Other homeowners have been known to steal high end finishes and fixtures in a home.  (Including cabinets, lights and countertops).

Don't Touch the Fridge! - If a refrigerator has been in a property with the utilities off for a while, don't open the door!  No telling what has been left in there to mold!

HVAC & Parts Gone - In some vacant home, people have been known to steal copper parts from HVAC systems as well as whole air conditioning units.

Utter Destruction - Some have been so mad when they were foreclosed on, they have done horrible things to just destroy the home.

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