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Décor Vignettes

One of the definitions of a vignette is "a brief incident or scene".  When using the word "vignette" in decorating, it's the cute little grouping you have of special knick-knacks or collections that you display in your space.  How do you go about making a vignette interesting and complimentary in a room without it looking like you just have stuffed piled on a shelf?  Here are a few different approaches you can take to making a vignette (or two) of your own!

Big Items First - Choose a larger item first and then build your scene around that item. You don't want just the horizontal space filled, so consider your vertical space as well.  Think of when you have group pictures taken, usually the taller people are in the back and those who are shorter are in the front.  The smaller items should help bring out the larger item, not the other way around.  Let's face it: larger objects usually are noticed first, so you need to choose wisely.

Variety if the Spice of Life - Use a lot of different types of objects.  You can go on a similar color theme, or even a certain collection of something, but, be sure that each piece is different.  When everything matches, the various items all blend together.  Or how about "mother and baby" items together?  These are two pieces of the same thing, one larger than the other!  There are so many things you can do, find what you love to see and go from there!

Odd Groupings - Along with each piece being different in one way or another, use an odd number of items as well.  Groups of 3 or 5 will have a nice balance to them.  This will also be more interesting with varying heights of items.

Triangular Musings - Instead of rectangular patterns of placing something, think of a triangle.  Like a larger item towards the back with two smaller ones in front to the side.  It doesn't mean to have everything in a perfect triangle, but, in general keep this shape in mind when you are placing your items.

These are just some general rules to follow when you are making your own special scenes with you favorite objects.  Just keep in mind when you are accessorizing, always think like you are dressing a person, put it all together, and then remove an item.  A little less will always make things a little more appealing.

This blog was inspired by an article in Flea Market Home & Living April 2021 addition.

Photo Credit: Sharon McCutcheon

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