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Combatting Cabin Fever

March is finally here.  You hear the term "March Madness" as it relates to basketball, but, there is another March Madness I am going to be talking about this month...Like the madness you can get from Cabin Fever and the stress that comes with the changes in the Spring season.  How about how it's so easy to be distracted with the beauty outdoors while you are still stuck indoors all day?!  Then there is always that case of Spring Fever that totally can stress out any parent with their kids or even cause us to long for that vacation!  Today we are going to march on with our first topic: CABIN FEVER.

Connect Often - If being inside is getting to you, be sure to connect with friends and family daily to not feel so alone.  Where I live, it wasn't too long ago that our whole area was snowed in for almost a week in some spots.  It felt like the beginning of the 2020 Pandemic again when we couldn't get out and even ordering things was out of the question!  The FaceTime calls I had with my kids and grandkids made up for all the time I was stuck at home and indoors.  There is nothing like a sweet smiling face to brighten your day!

Comfortable & Cozy - When it's really cold outside, nothing can make you feel more happy and comfy than some comfortable clothes, a warm blanket and a cup of something hot to drink.  If you are feeling a bit crazy being trapped indoors, do something that makes you feel safe, warm and cozy and that will help make things a little better.

Make Plans - Another way to help Cabin Fever a bit is to make plans for when you can get out and do something or go somewhere!  Plan out what you want to do around your home, or where you want to go for vacation.  Plan your next family dinner or look for some pot luck recipes to try for your next BBQ when it's warm!  Getting your mind on something that is coming can help keep us looking forward and not feeling stuck.

Stay Busy - Sitting around sad and mopey because torrential rain has yet again made something get cancelled won't help your Cabin Fever, but, being busy will.  You know that saying "Save for a Rainy Day" well, that means to be prepared for the bad things when they come (because like the rain, they will come).  Have some things set aside to do for days just like that!  Or, switch up a chore day for the day you are stuck inside, so that when the nice weather does return, you don't have to do that task and you can get out and about!

Take a Time Out - Along with staying busy, it's always good to allow for some enjoyable time each day to have something to look forward to.  This isn't just for a winter slump or Cabin Fever, however, this is for each day.  No matter how driven you are in your career, or how much you feel you SHOULD be organizing or cleaning something constantly while you are stuck inside, doing something for yourself that you really enjoy is great for your mental health.  

So let's do what we can to keep the crazy away and our mental health good.  You may have to try a few different things to get where you need to go, but, once you find what works for you, tell someone else what helped you with your Cabin Fever.  You never know who might need some good ideas to stay sane until they can get out!

Until Next Time!

Jen Lush--Associate Broker and Woman Waiting for the Sunshine to Come!

Photo Credit: Charl Folscher

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