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A Year Later: What I Have Learned

When this blog posts, it will be the day before my 1 year anniversary as a licensed Realtor.  For some of you, that isn't a big deal, but to me it's huge.  It was a big milestone for this 50-something lady, but, it doesn't end there.  I have learned a lot in the last year--possibly you have too!

A Year is Shorter Than You Think - One thing I know for sure the older I get is that a year flies by in a snap!  I remember as a kid right after Christmas feeling like the next one will take FOREVER to get here, but, boy is that so not true!  You think if you have a year to plan a big event, that you have plenty of time, but, before you know it the event is here and you still feel like there is a ton of things left to do.  Tasks you gave yourself a year time limit to complete are now due and you can't use some excuses for things anymore, because "it's been a year"!  So, look at what you have to do and make those hard choices as to what is most important to accomplish and get it done.  No more procrastination! It's been a year, Kiddo.  Time to get moving.

A LOT Can Happen in a Year - Since last year, so many different things have happened it's kind of mind boggling, especially since a year goes by so fast!  I am doing so many different things in my job this year than last year I never would have believed I could do, let alone be good at it!  Studying for my license was a lot more difficult than I expected and I was feeling my age last year and worried I couldn't get it accomplished.  However, I did and now I feel more confident about some things I bring to the table in my job!  I have learned some tech things I was holding back on a year ago (I believe I have mentioned more than once that change is a dirty word to me) and I am so glad I have embraced some of those things.  I faced some scary health issues last year that this year seem like nothing (which is a wonderful blessing).  My husband faced some scary things with his job and health as well and our family is always ever changing and growing.  Even with some of the scary things, I have to say in general, it's been amazing seeing the big changes that have happened in the past year.

Perception Can Totally Change in a Year - After a year of change, growth and challenges, your perception of things changes.  What seemed to work for years before, may no longer work now.  The fear that may have held you back may now be in the past and has shown you direction and purpose on where to go next and some challenges have sharpened your skills and broadened your horizons to new territories.  After my past year, I feel I have more clarity about my life than I did last year and certainly more direction.  My life used to feel like a perpetual roller coaster that I couldn't control (nor get off of) but now, it at least doesn't FEEL that way anymore.  Sure, things still can throw me for a loop or two, but, I no longer feel that sense of being "stuck" and not able to find the way to move ahead on my own.  If you would have told me last year I would feel this way now, I would have been extremely skeptical.  I would have been afraid to believe it could happen.  Perception can be a big key that can open an amazing treasure in your life!  

I still have a long way to go to be the person I would like to be, but, another year is starting and who knows where that will take me and how different I will be by next year!  I am excited to see what happens next...I hope you are too!

Until Next Time!

Jen Lush --Associate Broker and Mother of Managing Broker
Photo Credit: Trifon Yurukov

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